Denali to Anchorage on Rail

Monday, July 1, 2002

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Today was a day of travel.  Eight hours on the Alaska Railroad to head south to Anchorage.  The weather was rainy with low clouds.  There's supposed to be some good views of the mountain from south of the park, but today was not the day for it.  The ride was enjoyable though, and I had my first cooked food (a burger!) in a week in the dining car.  I had been eating food that didn't need cooking while camping as I didn't have a stove along.


In Anchorage, the plan was for my wife Patty to fly in tomorrow for the start of our honeymoon (we were married in March).  So I was looking forward to that!  Also, I had laundry to do and camping gear to dry out after the last two days of rain.


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