Mt. Gabb and Bear Lakes 1999

Piute Pass

Saturday, August 21, 1999

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Started trip to North Lake with off trail and Lake Italy/Mt. Gabb as northenmost goals, with lots of lakes and passes in between.  Arrived in Bishop around 5pm yesterday and found a campsite at Four Jeffries Campground (there were still a few sites available!).  Sabrina and Intake 2 campgrounds were full.  On the trail this morning just before 9am, had to walk 1/2 mile or so from parking to trailhead.  Made it much further than expected, Ron was feeling better than usual on the first night.  Ended up camping at Upper Golden Trout Lake, about 7-1/2 miles in (plan was only about 4 miles at Piute Lake).  Afternoon clouds developing but not too overwhelming (yet)--still lots of blue sky.  Got to camp about 4pm, a couple of other parties are here.  Saw lots of horses and lots of dogs.  Tomorrow we head down Piute Creek and up French Canyon--see how far we get.



Loch Leven

Piute Lake


Summit Lake

Mt. Humphreys from campsite


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