Sierra Nevada 2002

Bear Creek to Senger Creek

Monday, August 19, 2002

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Mon. 8-19-02

Another 10-mile day, easier than yesterday.  The smoke had cleared and the sky was a beautiful blue.  Climbed past Marie Lake to Selden Pass, with views of Seven Gables and Mt. Gabb.  Coming down past Sally Keyes Lakes, we saw Mt. Goddard to the south.  Made it down to Senger Creek and found a campsite by 3:00.  Tomorrow’s goal is Evolution Meadow.



Seven Gables

Bear Creek valley


Upper Bear Creek area

Marie Lake and Selden Pass


Marie Lake (Mt. Hilgard and Mt. Gabb upper left)

Marie Lake from Selden Pass


Heart Lake from Selden Pass

Sally Keyes Lake (Mt. Goddard is the high peak)


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