Sierra Nevada 2002

Evolution Meadow to Darwin Canyon

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

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Wed. 8-21-02

Awesome day!  Back to off-trail alpine.  We headed up Evolution Valley, then up the switchbacks toward Evolution Lake.  We left the JMT at the end of the last switchback near the outlet of Darwin Bench.  Very good use trail led us most of the way to the 4th lake in Darwin Canyon, where we are camped 1300 ft. below Lamarck Col.  Tomorrow itís over the col and to the trailhead!


This has been an interesting trip, mainly due to its length.  The resupply points were motivating factors and caused our cravings for ďrealĒ food to not be so great.  I didnít lose my appetite on this trip like on mostóIím not sure why.  Elevation was a bit lower but not enough to cause that change, I donít think.  Chipmunks were everywhere on this trip, saw lots of deer too and a few marmots.  One snake, a few lizards, no bear.  Few mosquitos.  Water was scarce in some areas.  We camped in trees all but the very last night.



Evolution Valley

The Hermit


Evolution Basin and surrounding peaks

Small lake on Darwin Bench


Darwin Bench with mountains behind Evolution Valley

First Lake in Darwin Canyon


Row of lakes in Darwin Canyon

Campsite in Darwin Canyon


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