Sea Kayaking

The Boat Trip into Aialik Fjord

Saturday, July 6, 2002

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We had signed up for a 3-day, 2-night kayaking trip with Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking Company.  The trip included kayak lessons, boat transportation to and from our base camp, food, and use of the kayaks, boots, dry bags, and tent.  We brought our own sleeping bags and pads.  There were 10 participants and two guides.


We arrived at the Seward Small Boat Harbor in the early morning to begin loading up the boat for the few hour trip to the Holgate Arm of Aialik Bay.  The trip was interesting with a few wildlife sightings...  seals, sea lions and puffins.  We arrived at a beach on the Holgate Arm across from the Holgate Glacier and set up our camp for the two nights.  This was a base camp trip so we didn't need to carry any camping gear in our kayaks.


We had our short kayaking lesson and then we were off to head toward Holgate Glacier for a closer look.


Steller Sea Lions sunbathing

Through our guides, we learned that sea lions have visible ears while seals do not.  



Unloading the "Steller Explorer"


Patty and the Holgate Glacier

Holgate Glacier


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