Sea Kayaking

Kayak to Pederson Lagoon

Sunday, July 7, 2002

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Our camp was in the Holgate Arm of Aialik Bay, and the Holgate Glacier is at the end of the Holgate Arm.  Calving (dropping off of ice from the glacier) could be heard from time to time from our campsite.  We kayaked over to the glacier twice during our trip, on Saturday after arriving and on Monday morning before leaving.  This is shown in red.


On Sunday, we took our kayaks over the Pederson Lagoon and saw the Pederson Glacier.  This is shown in purple.


Pederson Lagoon can only be entered via water during high tide.  So we timed our trip to reach the lagoon right at high tide, which was somewhere around 12:30pm.  We paddled among the icebergs in the lagoon.


Round trip to Pederson and back was a 12-mile adventure.



Pederson Lagoon and Glacier

Lunch Break Locale


Steve and Patty in the Pederson Lagoon

Another fact we learned from our guides is that only 10% of the iceberg is above water, and 90% is below water.


Pederson Glacier


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