Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

To the Jago River

Day 5:  Saturday, June 15, 2002

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Today was supposed to be our layover day, but we were 3 miles behind schedule so we first needed to catch up.  The sky was fairly clear in the morning with some clouds hugging the mountains, but more mountains visible from camp than yesterday.


The hike was easy, up and over just one ridge to the Jago River.  Started off with a t-shirt and, for the first time this trip, shorts!  The weather soon turned around, with raindrops falling before we reached camp around noon.


Alternating sun and rain was the pattern all afternoon. We attempted a hike to the coastal plain, which started off in the sun, but got us drenched shortly thereafter.


Tomorrow the plan is to head up the Jago River to the airstrip and—hopefully—our food cache.




Muskoxen Horn

Jago River Valley


The Typical Terrain:  Tussocks!

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