Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Up the Jago River

Day 6:  Sunday, June 16, 2002

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Awoke to a mix of clouds and sun.  Breakfast was at 6:30am.  Easy hiking along the Jago River in pleasant weather.  Saw a pair of ptarmigan—male and female.  The sprinkles started around 11, and we reached camp at noon.  Found the food cache and had lunch.  Rain fell on and off all afternoon.  Tomorrow we head uphill toward the high elevation point of the trip.


Ptarmigan Pair

Lake in the Jago River valley

This is one of the very few lakes that we passed on the trip.  May even be the only one!  Lakes are rare here because this part of Alaska was not covered in glaciers during the Ice Age.  The glaciers in this area are much smaller than those in southern Alaska, due to the low precipitation, averaging only around 6 inches per year.


Rivers in much of Alaska are “braided” like this one.  This is due to the river frequently changing channels due to ice freeze and thaw cycles.

Braided Jago River


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