Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Down to the Aichilik

Day 10:  Thursday, June 20, 2002

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The rain started around 9pm last night, turned to snow mid-morning today, and right now at 4pm is still falling.  Hasnít stopped for more than a few minutes.  We hiked over aufeis down the drainage from camp to meet the valley of the Aichilik.  We stayed high, west of the river, over tussocks that were being covered with snow.  Reached camp around 1pm and immediately set up.  My gloves are soaked through and my hands were frozen after setting up.  My pants were soaked through to the skin.  I got into dry clothes (long underwear and fleece) and got into my bag to warm up.  I was served lunch in my tent!  This was the most difficult day so faródue to the weather.  So much for this being a desert.  Iím longing for Sierra sunshine right now, or, more immediately, for our departure to Fairbanks.  Weíve got a few miles to hike tomorrow back to the airstrip.



Tonightís Camp, the next morning.† Too cold to take many pictures today!

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