Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Layover Day

Day 9:  Wednesday, June 19, 2002

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We had just a few sprinkles last night and awoke to mostly cloudy skies—but clear in the east.  Lounged around all morning, and took a short day hike in the afternoon.  It started raining so we headed back.  Looks now (3:30) like it might be clearing.


Apparently the caribou like the Aichilik drainage better than the Jago.  We’ve seen lots of caribou from camp here.  They move so gracefully across the land, with their head held high while trotting.  From time to time they stop to look at us, as if to say “who are those strange beings,” then they continue on their way.


Yesterday I spotted a porcupine while hiking, and a lemming dashed into the vegetation right in front of me.  This is TRULY a wildlife refuge!


 Our Layover Camp


Moose Antler (we saw no moose though!)

Musings on a layover day:

Things different from the Sierra trips on this trip:

*  food is rinsed down the river rather than left on the land

*  no hole dug for #2 – just leave it on the surface or under a rock

*  camping on vegetation is the norm

*  no flashlight needed, but eye mask recommended

*  risky to sleep without rainfly (last night!)





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