Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Over the Pass

Day 8:  Tuesday, June 18, 2002

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We awoke to beautiful blue sky and sun!  Best day for it too, as we were to reach the high point.  Got started 9:30 or so, climbed 500 ft to the 4000 ft pass, with awesome views for miles and miles!  Long downhill walk following a drainage down to “moose camp.”  Probably covered over 10 miles today.  The last part was through a thick willow patch.  Campsite is above a patch of aufeis.  Nice views.  Tomorrow is currently planned as a layover day.




Me in camp before starting the day’s hike

The wooly lousewort grows low to the ground, and its wooly hairs help to trap heat.  The petals of this flower are edible.


The View from the Pass

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