Cartridge Pass and Muro Blanco 2006

Paradise Valley to Roads End

Saturday, August 26, 2006

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I had done this segment of trail back in 1996, however it was the first time for Ron.  There are three designated campgrounds in Paradise Valley spaced one or two miles from each other.  Then the trail starts dropping quicker, passing Mist Falls, a popular day hike destination, on its way down to the floor of Kings Canyon.  The last two miles are fairly level and shared with the trail to Bubbs Creek.  This trail segment is part of the Rae Lakes Loop, a very popular 50-mile backpacking route.


At around 6000 feet elevation, knats started swarming around our faces, which seems to be a characteristic of this area.  Kind of annoying but better than mosquitos.  We saw people with cedar branches using them as fans to shoo the knats away.  Saw more people today than the whole rest of the trip combined.


Saw our only marmot of the trip today, at 6000 feet.  Also saw a small rattler below Mist Falls right next to the trail.  He knew how to use his rattle!


Journal Entry:  8½ mile hike back to the trailhead today—left camp at 7:30, got to the car around 12:30.  Great trip!


looking down-valley

Mist Falls


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