Mt. Gabb and Bear Lakes 1999

Mt. Gabb Summit

Wednesday, August 25, 1999

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Mt. Gabb (13,741 feet)

Got underway around 8am for Mt. Gabb.  Clear morning skies again.  Headed up obvious green slope on north side of lake to a rocky ridge, which we went over.  Views of Toe Lake from the other side.  Climbed up some large talus to a narrow chute, which brought us to a broad, gently sloping valley.  Went up the valley and climbed the ridge again on large talus--this was tough.  Found a better route just before the summit.  On the summit around 11:30, took pictures and signed summit log (dates back to first ascent in 1917).  Dark clouds had been building all morning, and rain was falling in the distance.  Left the summit around 12:15.  Began to hail on the second (lower) talus crossing, reached camp around 2:15pm (no breaks).  It had stopped raining by then but has started again (3:00).  No thunder or lightning this time--just rain.  Tomorrow’s goal is Italy Pass, Royce Pass, and camp at Royce Lakes.


Frozen Lake in the Second Recess

Entries dating back to 1917 in the summit register


View south from the summit

Lake Italy

View north from the summit

Mills Creek Lakes


Rainbow over Lake Italy


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