Mt. Gabb and Bear Lakes 1999

Italy Pass

Thursday, August 26, 1999

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Different weather today--started out mostly cloudy.† Got some rain drops while packing up.† Made it up to Italy Pass, clouds growing darker.† Started descent on a fairly good trail under darker clouds.† A few sprinkles fell on and off.† Decided against Royce Lakes & Pass due to weather and continued downward to Honeymoon Lake and found a campsite just as the rain started falling heavier.† Set up tent in the rain and dryed it out inside.† Itís now 2:15pm and Iím in the tent with frequent thunder and steady rain.† Update 7:30pm:† Last rain hard and lasted a while.† Both Ron & I had not picked very good tent spots--his in a creek and mine in a puddle.† Discussed possibility of heading toward Pine Creek trailhead but decided not to when rain stopped and sky partially cleared (almost saw the sun).† Now itís sprinkling again.† Hopefully tomorrow we head toward Puppet Pass.† By the way, we both moved our tents to a better spot


Mt. Gabb reflected in Lake Italy

Jumble Lake (well-named)


Mt. Gabb from Italy Pass

Granite Park from Italy Pass

Mt. Humphreys in the distance


Upper Lake in Granite Park

Looking up toward Royce Pass


Honeymoon Lake

Honeymoon Lake


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