Mt. Gabb and Bear Lakes 1999

Pine Creek Pass and Puppet Pass

Friday, August 27, 1999

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More rain & thunder later last night--looked like a storm from the east.† Stayed dry!† Good news is that the weather really cleared up this morning--just a few puffy clouds remained by 9am and those didnít grow all day.† Now at 7pm there are no clouds!† Campsite neighbors last night were a nice couple from LA.† Went over Pine Creek Pass (easy) and down into French Canyon.† Trail sign marked trail to Moon Lake, where we met the same couple we saw on White Bear Pass!† Exchanged weather stories and then headed uphill to Puppet Pass.† Lots of nice lakes along the way, and all had at least a few trees!† Puppet Pass looked steep from the bottom but turned out the be quite easy--not much loose talus to contend with.† Dropped down to Mesa Lake where we couldnít find a decent campsite (that wasnít taken) then cut over to large Desolation Lake, where, as far as we can tell, we have the lake to ourselves (but the lake is a mile long and nearly as wide).† Very quiet here, only the wind makes noise.† Tomorrow an 8-mile hike back to the car at North Lake.


at Pine Creek Pass

Moon Lake

L Lake and Pine Creek Pass


Puppet Pass from the north

Paris, Lorraine, Puppet Lakes from Puppet Pass


Mesa and Tomahawk Lakes from Puppet Pass

Mt. Humphreys


Desolation Lake and Mt. Humphreys near sunset


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