Mt. Kaweah 2003

Hamilton Lakes to Redwood Meadow

Friday, August 29, 2003

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Warm night, got an early start.  Totally clear skies all day.  Hiked down to Bearpaw Meadow but didn’t stay long.  Water faucets were labeled as not potable.  Downhill to the Middle Fork of the Kaweah River, then mostly level trail to Redwood Meadow.  We carried water from Granite Creek but found a faucet (working) at the campsite.  Also and outhouse here—but no bear box!  Up the trail are two buildings and a stock hitching/grazing area.  We got to camp around 2, nobody else is here.  A few Giant Sequoias right in the campsite area, one has been burned so you can walk inside.  Both of us find this to be a “cool” campsite.  Fitting end to a great trip.  Tomorrow we have 9½ miles to the car.  Oh yeah—this morning between Hamilton Lakes & Lone Pine Creek saw a mama bear & cub right on the trail.


bear cub and mother




campsite below giant sequoia


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