Kaweah Basin 2020

Shepherd Pass Trailhead to Mahogany Flat

Friday, August 21, 2020

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Shepherd Pass is one of the more difficult entries from the eastern Sierra.  It involves nearly 6000 feet of elevation gain from the trailhead to the pass, with a 500 foot drop in the middle to add another 500 feet of gain to that total.  As with the last time we did this pass in 2009, we opted to split the gain roughly in half and camp at Mahogany Flat the first night.  Refer to the overview map on the index page for all of the trail walking on this trip.

Journal Entry:  First day Kaweah Basin trip.  Drove down to Grays Meadow campground yesterday.  Hazy skies from smoke.  Gusty wind and very warm—was still in the 80’s after 10pm!  On the trail at 7:50am, not too hot on the trail, lots of shade and breezes.  Got to Mahogany Flat camp around 2:00.  Still have some haze from smoke, gusty winds.  Lots of people coming in today, most are going to Anvil Camp.  Tomorrow over Shepherd Pass.

view up Symmes Creek canyon

wilderness entrance


Mt. Williamson over Shepherd Creek canyon

view up Shepherd Creek

Shepherd Creek near Mahogany Flat

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