McGee Pass 2019

McGee Creek Trailhead to Big McGee Lake

Friday, August 16, 2019

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A bit of a rough warm up with heavy packs for the first day this trip.  All on trail at least.

Journal Entry:  First day of McGee Creek trip.  Stayed at McGee Creek Campground last night—started on trail 8:30 or so.  2700 feet of elevation gain over about 7 miles, to Big McGee Lake.  Lots of people on the trail, including a trail crew, and a group of horses.  Some areas had lots of mosquitos, starting a bit below 9000 ft.  Arrived at Big McGee Lake around 4:00.  Mosquitos not too bad here, breeze helps a lot.  Lots of others camped here.  Hear some pikas chirping.

Mt. Baldwin over desert sage

Wilderness sign

Mt. Crocker over the valley

Mt. Crocker and Red & White Mtn

Red & White Mtn over Big McGee Lake

Mt. Crocker over Big McGee Lake

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