McGee Pass 2019

Big McGee Lake to Lake Wit-So-Nah-Pah

Saturday, August 17, 2019

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Left the trail early to go over our first pass of the trip, Corridor Pass.  It is not as much of a "corridor" as I expected from looking at the map.  It is fairly open at the top with nice views.  We enjoyed the views of Mt. Gabb (which we climbed in 1999), 9.4 miles distant.  A fair amount of snow to cross on the north side, remnants of last winter.  But sometimes snow is easier to walk on than rock, especially loose rock.

Journal Entry:  Started 8:30 or so after a fairly cold night—low of 41F.  Mosquitos bugging in the morning due to no wind.  Headed up the trail a bit, then left the trail to climb to Corridor Pass.  First part steep, then walked through meadows and then loose red rock mixed with some snow crossings.  Arrived at the pass at 11:30—11,790 ft. elevation.  Nice views in both directions.  Started down over more snow and loose rock.  Met a group of six heading up to the pass.  Continued down, around the east side of Constance Lake, then down to Lake Wit-So-Nah-Pah.  Found a beautiful campsite at the south end of the lake in trees.  A few mosquitos here.  We didn’t see many mosquitos above 11,000 ft.

Red & White Mtn over Big McGee Lake

looking back at Mt. Crocker after starting the off trail

Mt. Crocker with Mt. Gabb in the distance

uphill climb to Corridor Pass

Corridor Pass from the south

Ron crossing some snow

Corridor Pass from the south

Mt. Crocker, Abbot, Gabb in view south from the pass

view north from the pass with Constance Lake

view north with Constance Lake

Corridor Pass from the north

descent route over snow fields

Corridor Pass from the north

Constance Lake getting closer

Corridor Pass from just above Constance Lake

Constance Lake

Corridor Pass

view down valley to Mildred Lake

Corridor Pass over Constance Lake

Corridor Pass and Red Slate Mtn (high one on right) over Constance Lake

Lake Wit-So-Nah-Pah

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