McGee Pass 2019

Red & White Lake to Big McGee Lake

Friday, August 23, 2019

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Mostly trail hiking today.  Surprising amount of snow coming down the canyon on the east side of the pass.

Journal Entry:  Nice night with few mosquitos and sound of pikas nearby.  Got started around 9:00 with a talus scramble around the lake, then downhill west of the outlet.  Easy walking over to the trail just below the lowest set of switchbacks.  Got up to McGee Pass around 1:00pm.  Limited view on east side due to a big rock face in front of us.  Lots of snow to cross above Little McGee Lake, then good trail down to Big McGee Lake.  Got here a little after 3:00.  Found a nice campsite down by the lake on a slope.  Mosquitos not too bad yet.

morning reflections in Red & White Lake

lots of pika activity at this lake

busy gathering grass for the winter!

Red Slate Mountain

Silver Divide view west from below McGee Pass

switchbacks through red rock

McGee Pass from the west

Red Slate Mountain

view west from McGee Pass

view east from McGee Pass

lots of snow to cross descending this pass

zoomed in on Mt. Abbot and Mt. Gabb to the south

Ron heading down across the snow

looking back up toward McGee Pass

Little McGee Lake

Little McGee Lake

Mt. Crocker over Big McGee Lake

Red & White Mtn (right side) over Big McGee Lake

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