McGee Pass 2019

Tully Lake to Red & White Lake

Thursday, August 22, 2019

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Easy, pleasant hike today with a chance to relax in the afternoon.

Journal Entry:  Easy hike today over to Red & White Lake.  Uphill climb to view down lake’s outlet.  Terrain looks good.  Traversed up creek over some talus, then around north side of lake over some talus to grassy area.  Planning to camp here, we’re under a large rock mid-afternoon for shade, there are no trees at this lake.  No mosquitos either!

Tully Lake

Tully Lake from above

Red Slate Mountain

rocky canyon with Red & White Lake outlet creek

view west with Tully Lake on left

Red & White Mtn (gray on this side) over Red & White Lake

Red & White Lake

Red & White Lake

evening alpenglow on Red & White Mtn (right side)

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