McGee Pass 2019

Lake Virginia to Tully Lake

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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Horse Heaven was Mosquito Hell this year.  That contributed to another change to the planned route, we went to Tully Lake instead of Izaak Walton Lake.  We would have left the trail in Horse Heaven but I was preoccupied with the mosquitos and just wanted to get away as quickly as possible, which meant staying on the trail.

Journal Entry:  Nice afternoon yesterday.  Mosquitos bad while packing camp this morning.  Followed JMT south down into Tully Hole, then up to Horse Heaven, both with swarming mosquitos.  Decided against heading for Izaak Walton Lake, terrain was rough where outlet flows into Fish Creek (outlet is in a gorge) probably easier to take slabs from further up the trail.  We decided to go to Tully Lake, which has a trail.  Found a campsite in trees on middle of north side of lake.  Breeze nearby helps keep mosquitos down.

Lake Virginia morning reflections

Tully Hole and view west down Fish Creek

Tully Hole

trail sign at Tully Hole

canyon between Tully Hole and Horse Heaven

trail heading up toward McGee Pass

trail sign at Tully Lake junction

Tully Lake outlet creek

Tully Lake

campsite at Tully Lake

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