Mono Recesses 2004

Mosquito Flat to Fourth Recess

Friday, August 20, 2004

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Yesterday:  We drove down to the Rock Creek area south of Mammoth yesterday, camped at backpacker’s trailhead campground (free but requires wilderness permit).  Some heavy rain and thunder on the way down—just a few sprinkles in camp. 


Today:  Awoke to nearly clear skies and started up toward Mono Pass.  Got over the pass around 11am, with steadily thickening clouds.  A few sprinkles on and off, and rain visible over some of the peaks.  Lots of thunder.  Arrived at camp near the Fourth Recess trail crossing of Mono Creek—2pm.  At 3:30 now, the sun is peeking out and the thunder has stopped.


6pm update:  Rain and thunder are back—nothing more than sprinkles though.  Got dinner around 5—was sprinkling on and off.  If tomorrow morning is like today, most of the clouds should be gone.  Hope so!




Bear Creek Spire and Mt. Dade

Ruby Lake


Summit Lake and Mono Pass

Neelle Lake (above) and Trail Lakes


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