Mono Recesses 2004

Fourth Recess to Third Recess Lake

Saturday, August 21, 2004

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Rather than heading up each basin on its trail from Mono Creek, we visited the Fourth and Third Recesses by crossing a pass between their upper ends.  This pass was described on a web site, and we found it to be technically easy on its east side, and slightly more difficult on its west side.  The west side has some route-finding challenges, with the route we chose containing a steep chute that needed to be navigated.  This chute is borderline class 3 in my opinion.


More rain last night—6 till 7 or so.  Then the sky mostly cleared.  Still some clouds this morning, but they didn’t build as fast as yesterday.  We started around 8:30, trail up to Fourth Recess Lake.  Continued up, high above the west shore.  Kept climbing, up past Snow Lakes into alpine country.  Clouds seemed stable—fluffy white with one a little darker.  Still lots of blue sky.  Headed up to a pass between Fourth and Third Recesses.  The climb wore us out.  Made it to the top 1pm or so.  Long downhill into Third Recess, to Third Recess Lake.  Found a campsite around 3:30pm.  Sprinkles started as we were looking for the campsite.  Hail and heavier rain fell around 4:40, after a period of sun.  The rain is dying down as I write this at 4:50.  Tomorrow is an on-trail day with no passes—“easy day”.


More hail and rain came later, and didn’t stop till around 9pm.  Didn’t see any other people today since right after leaving camp.


Critter Report – We saw lots of frogs around the lower Snow Lake.  After dark, a mouse with a half-length tail was chewing on my boots as I was trying to sleep.  I shined the flashlight on him, but it didn’t phase him, I had to move the boot to scare him away.  He kept coming back, so I took my boots inside the tent.  Still he came back, this time nibbling on the tent.  I whacked at him with my orange shovel, didn’t see him after that.  Ron reported hearing a critter also.

Fourth Recess Lake


Pond above Fourth Recess Lake

Upper Snow Lake and Mt. Mills


Pass between Fourth and Third Recess (Fourth Recess side)

Third Recess Lake, Pioneer Basin and Mt. Stanford in background


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