Mono Recesses 2004

Laurel Lake to Second Recess

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

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Dew problems last night got lots of our stuff wet.  No clouds at all this morning, and still none at 3:40pm!  We hiked down Laurel Creek on a sometimes-faint trail to Mono Creek.  Down another ˝ mile to the turnoff to Second Recess.  Crossing of Mono Creek required us to take off our boots.  Someone had strung a rope across the creek.  Uphill about 700 feet to camp by Mills Creek, just below the big uphill to the Mills Creek Lakes.


Saw a few people today, the first since Sunday at the Mono Creek crossing, then a few headed the other way from upper Mills Creek area.


Critter Report –Saw a bear on the other side of the creek from camp, running the other way.

Laurel Lake, Red & White Mountain in the morning

Laurel Creek valley, Mt. Gabb in the distance


Second Recess with Mt. Gabb on far left

notice the glacially carved “U” shape of the valley

First Recess going up to the left


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