Mono Recesses 2004

Second Recess to Upper Mills Creek Lake

Thursday, August 26, 2004

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Hiking on faint trails, like today:† many times it was less effort just to hike without regard for the trail, rather than trying to find the trail.


First morning with nothing to dry!† Fairly easy day, heading up about 1900ft. to Upper Mills Creek Lake.† Trail most of the way, sometimes losing it.† Took our time but still got to camp around 1pm.† This lake has no trees near the lake, there are some up the hillside.† Tomorrow itís Gabbot Pass and Cox Col!


Saw nobody today until Lower Mills Creek Lake, just one fast hiker!† He spent the night near us at the upper lake.


Second Recess

First pond between Second Recess and Lower Mills Creek Lake


Lower Mills Creek Lake

Upper Mills Creek Lake and Mt. Gabb


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