Nepal 2013

Kathmandu and Bhaktapur

November 4 to November 6

I was in Kathmandu three different times on this trip.  My first time was upon arrival in Nepal, when I was getting oriented and obtaining maps, meds, and permits.  My second time was between treks and was only one night.  So most of my sightseeing was done on my third and last visit, after the Everest trek.  The Everest trek package included two nights in Kathmandu post-trek with a city tour included.  On that tour we visited Bouddha, a temple area north of the airport, and Bhaktapur, a city east of Kathmandu with several temples.  I also shared a taxi with a fellow trekker to visit Swayambhu, also known as the "Monkey Temple."  And after my two nights in Kathmandu, I headed to Bhaktapur again for my last two nights.  This page has pictures from those last few days in Nepal.


Scenes in Bouddha


Scenes in Bhaktapur


"Golden Gate" in Bhaktapur Durbar Square, monkeys at Swayambhu


Large stupa at Swayambhu, view of Kathmandu (Swayambhu is on a hill above the city), monkey with baby


My guest house in Bhaktapur and views from it


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