Sierra Nevada 2002

Rush Creek Forks to Shadow Creek

Monday, August 12, 2002

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Mon. 8-12-02

Today was the day of lakes.  Got up to Island Pass, with a view of Thousand Island Lake with Banner Peak behind it.  Up and over a ridge with two beautiful lakes on it (Emerald and Ruby).  Then down to Garnet Lake, with Ritter and Banner behind it, a bit hazy from smoke by that time.  We took the wrong trail briefly on the way down to Garnet.  Then up and over another ridge toward Shadow Lake.  Got to the creek to find that the north side of the creek and the entire lake are closed to camping.  Found a site on the south side of the creek near some cascades.  In camp around 4pm.



Banner Peak peeking over the ridge

Banner Peak


Banner Peak over Thousand Island Lake

Banner Peak over Thousand Island Lake


Ruby Lake

Garnet Lake, Mt. Ritter, and Banner Peak


Terrain between Garnet Lake and Shadow Creek


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