Sierra Nevada 2002

Lake Harriet to Falls Creek

Saturday, August 3, 2002

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Sat. 8-3-02

The wind DID die down last night… got started around 8:30 for Dorothy Lake Pass.  Easy climb up to the pass, at only 9500 feet.  Dorothy Lake is quite large, saw some scouts camped there.  Long hike down Jack Main Canyon toward Wilma (or Wilmer?) Lake.  Got to camp around 3:30, just up from the lake at a nice cascade with running water sounds for sleeping.  Few clouds all day but they are building a bit tonight.  Tomorrow we’ll try to get a bit ahead of schedule to make some later days more bearable.  


According to various sources, Wilma Lake is the correct name for this lake.  The lake is named after Wilma Seavey, daughter of Clyde L. Seavey (for whom Seavey Pass is named for, which we cross in a couple of days).  The lake was labeled incorrectly on several maps, and all of the signs that we saw also labeled it incorrectly as Wilmer Lake.


Lake Harriet

Small lake near Dorothy Lake Pass


Dorothy Lake


The creek near our campsite


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