Silliman Pass, Cloud Canyon, and Lion Lake 2016

Big Wet Meadow to Upper Cloud Canyon

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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Our first off-trail day!  Headed into the upper reaches of Cloud Canyon.  We were told by a ranger that there are various artifacts up here, probably from miners, including an old bed spring.  We didn't find any of these.  This was our last day with any rain.  At one point I got out of my tent when it was still sprinkling and looked straight up to blue sky above me!  Lion Lake Pass, our next obstacle, was visible at the head of the valley most of the day today.

Journal Entry:  Rain stopped by mid-afternoon yesterday and skies cleared by sundown.  Awoke to cloudless skies.  Got started 8:15 or so.  Found Shorty’s cabin just off the trail, then shortly after we left the trail.  First part was through trees, then easier terrain over slabs and grass.  Arrived at our planned camp as sprinkles started, with blue sky still visible but a dark cloud hanging over us.  No thunder so far today though (as of 2:15).  Tomorrow we cross Lion Lake Pass to Lion Lake.

morning view toward upper Cloud Canyon

Shorty's cabin

view south to upper Cloud Canyon

view north, down canyon

upper Cloud Canyon and Lion Lake Pass

view down canyon

view up canyon with rock slabs

Triple Divide Peak (left) and Lion Lake Pass

Triple Divide Peak

view down canyon

sharp peak above west side of canyon

Triple Divide Peak and Lion Lake Pass

Lion Lake Pass

view down canyon

Triple Divide Peak and Lion Lake Pass

red colored rock on west slope of canyon

lots of red colored rock here

Triple Divide Peak and Lion Lake Pass

view down canyon, Whaleback in center

small pool in the infant river

clearing skies down canyon in the evening


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