Silliman Pass, Cloud Canyon, and Lion Lake 2016

Lion Lake to Tamarack Lake

Thursday, August 25, 2016

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Although today was the shortest mileage of the trip, it was another tough off-trail day.  The route between these lakes is challenging.  As shown on the map above, we went quite a bit to the south of the creek to find our way down.  The last few hundred feet above the meadow (large flat area above and to the east of Tamarack Lake) were challenging as there were lots of cliffs to avoid.  Once we found our way down to the meadow, we traversed to the northwest, crossing the creek just above the waterfall that is visible from Tamarack Lake.  Supposedly there is a route down a bit northwest of the creek crossing, but we couldn't find it.  We ended up going even further to the northwest and found a steep route down to the lake through mostly tall grass.  In hindsight, perhaps the easiest route down this last section would be through the talus sloping into the southeast shore of the lake.

Journal Entry:  Got started around 9:00, tougher than expected coming down.  Lots of cliffs to avoid.  Finally made it to camp at Tamarack Lake 2:00 or so.  Beautiful lake with waterfall, nobody else is here.  Tomorrow we have a long day on trail.

view down the valley, Tamarack Lake in center

Tamarack Lake


looking back toward Lion Lake

Tamarack Lake

meadow above Tamarack Lake

small waterfall at the meadow above the lake

large waterfall above Tamarack Lake

Tamarack Lake from the north

grassy slope that we came down north of the lake

Tamarack Lake from its outlet

waterfall above Tamarack Lake

Tamarack Lake and rocky peaks to the north

Lion Rock over Tamarack Lake


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