Silliman Pass, Cloud Canyon, and Lion Lake 2016

Tamarack Lake to Mehrten Creek

Friday, August 26, 2016

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The longest mileage day of the trip, but now we are back on trail and our packs are light!  We passed through Bearpaw Meadow, which is a large city by backcountry standards.  It has a ranger station, tent cabins, and a campground.  A mule train with supplies showed up while we were there.  We saw a bear just past Bearpaw Meadow up from the trail.  He didn't seem very concerned about us.  Being so close to Bearpaw Meadow he is certainly accustomed to humans!  We hadn't seen anyone on the trail today until we got to Bearpaw.  After Bearpaw, we were on the High Sierra Trail, a major route that crosses the Sierra from Crescent Meadow to Mt. Whitney.  We saw the most people of the whole trip on this section of trail.

Journal Entry:  Started about 8:00, found the trail after a short search.  Down 1200 ft. to first junction, then took the higher trail over to Bearpaw.  Had a short chat with the ranger and headed out toward the trailhead.  Long up-and-down hike, arriving at Mehrten Creek just after 4:00.  Campsites here are up a steep hill from the trail, we are in the highest of four.  Tomorrow we have 6 miles back to the car at Crescent Meadow.

north side of valley

rocky peaks on north side of valley

south slope of valley, Valhalla

lower part of valley before joining Elizabeth Pass trail

trail and view to the south after the left turn

small cascade on Lone Pine Creek near junction with
"Over the Hill Trail"

view back, valley we came down goes up to the right

trail switchbacks to Hamilton Lake

view up the valley toward Hamilton Lakes

black bear near the trail just west of Bearpaw Meadow

Buck Creek

Great Western Divide

Sugarbowl Dome

Little Blue Dome

Mt. Eisen (left),
Sawtooth Peak (sharp peak just right of center)

Little Blue Dome (center), Sugarbowl Dome (right)
Great Western Divide (above)

trail blasted in rock

Tharps Rock from our campsite at Mehrten Creek


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