Split Mountain 2012

Split Mountain summit

Monday, August 20, 2012

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View from Split Mountain—click on the picture for a larger, labeled version of the above panorama!


Today was summit day!  No packs, light load, but 2400 feet of elevation gain and loss.  It was a good day weather-wise, other than the low clouds hanging over the summit.  Those clouds did make for some interesting pictures and lent a surreal feel to the summit at times.  Split Mountain is at 14,058 feet elevation.  This mountain used to be known as the "South Palisade"--we will see North Palisade later in this trip.  A class 3 pass over to Red Lake is on the route to the summit.  Both of us were glad we weren't going down the other side of that pass.  There was a summit register that we both signed.  I took a picture of the box but not of our entry in the notebook inside.

Journal Entry:  Similar clouds to yesterday—no rain though.  Left camp 8:45 to climb Split Mtn., got to the summit around noon.  Some low clouds obscured views at times, but we had awesome views to the west consistently, and intermittently to the east.  Much of the route was talus hopping, although we followed a use trail on the way down.  Got back to camp around 3:30.  No rain today!  Tomorrow we plan to cross Upper Basin Crossing to Amphitheater Lake.

Grouse near the lake

Lake 3535m, looking west

Saddle on the way to the summit

Low clouds obscuring Split Mountain summit

Large moraine on east side of saddle

Large talus that we traveled over

Ron & Steve on Split Mountain summit

Summit register box

Down the east side, Red Lake visible

Bench Lake and Arrow Peak

Lakes in Upper Basin

Steve on a rock near the saddle

Split Mountain in the evening

Split Mountain in alpenglow


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