Mt. Tyndall and Wallace Basin 2009

Tyndall Creek to Wallace Lake

Sunday, August 23, 2009

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Long distance covered on the map again, from the upper left to lower right corners of the map shown here.  The first half was on-trail, and the last half was essentially on-trail also, as there used to be a trail to Wallace Lake and it is still fairly good in many areas.


Journal Entry: Sprinkled most of the night last night, woke up to wet tents.  After mostly drying things out, we headed south on the JMT over Bighorn Plateau.  Puffy clouds were around and building all morning.  We left the trail just before the Wright Creek crossing and angled toward Wallace Creek.  We eventually found the old trail and followed it most of the way to Wallace Lake.  Sprinkles were falling mid-afternoon.  Got to camp at Wallace Lake at 3:30 or so, set up our tents in sprinkles, just in time for some hail and heavier rain.  It was fairly short-lived, and now around 6:30 we have some sun and clouds seem to be dissipating.  Hoping for nicer weather tomorrow for our day trip up to Tulainyo Lake




Tyndall Creek looking upstream and Diamond Mesa

Tyndall Creek looking downstream and the Kaweahs


Valley of Tyndall Creek and the Great Western Divide

The Kaweahs and Kaweah Basin from Bighorn Plateau


Milestone Basin from Bighorn Plateau

The Kaweahs from Wright Creek


Wright Creek and Tawny Point

“The Grand Canyon of Wallace Creek”


use trail to Wallace Lake

Mt. Russell (peak in back with snow) from Wallace Lake


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