Cartridge Pass and Muro Blanco 2006

Marion Lake to Lake Basin

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

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We had originally planned on climbing either Marion Peak or Peak 11,440+ today, but instead decided to move to a new camp in Lake Basin, rather than just passing through tomorrow.  This made today and tomorrow relatively low mileage, “easy” days, which had the effect of recharging us after a string of five more difficult days not reaching camp until 4pm or later.  Today we got to camp around 2pm, despite taking several breaks, one lasting over an hour!  We enjoyed the off-trail hiking past too many lakes to count.  At the lake where we made camp, a distinct trail went around the lake, then headed up toward Cartridge Pass.  We searched for a campsite for quite a while, finally settling on two spots probably 100 feet apart from each other, just big enough for our small tents.


Journal Entry:  Short day today, just up to the lake under Cartridge Pass in Lake Basin.  We took our time, going past many beautiful lakes on the way.  Thin clouds have been around all day, but nothing threatening.  Got to camp around 2pm—campsites are pretty scarce at this lake!  Tomorrow another short day planned—just over Cartridge Pass to the lake on the other side.



Marion Lake with morning reflections (Marion Peak above)

Vennacher Needle over L-shaped lake


looking toward upper Lake Basin from L-shaped lake

view east from from L-shaped lake


Lake 11030 looking toward the outlet

Cartridge Pass over Lake 11043


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