Cartridge Pass and Muro Blanco 2006

South Fork Cartridge Creek to Marion Lake

Monday, August 21, 2006

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Two passes today, but not much elevation lost between them so it didnít really seem like two passes.† Easy terrain through beautiful country to get up to White Pass.† Saw two people just before White Pass that were doing almost the same route as us in the opposite direction.† Exception was they came over Pinchot Pass on trail instead of doing the Muro Blanco canyon.† Terrain between White and Red Passes was interesting and a bit more challenging, but still not difficult.† Tried to stay high to avoid too much climbing to Red Pass, and we were pretty successful at that.† We could just see beautiful blue Marion Lake from Red Pass, I donít think Iíve ever seen a lake quite that shade of blue!† Long but easy drop to the lake, although the very last section followed a steep chute down to the shore of the lake.† We took the bookís recommendation and took the chute to the far left.† Evidence showed that others had also taken that route.


Journal Entry:† Started hiking 9:10, uphill through the valley of the S. Fork Cartridge Creek, passing several lakes.† Travel mostly pretty easy, but uphill.† Finally reached White Pass, then traversed over talus and slabs to Red Pass.† Long downhill (1300 feet) to Marion Lake, a beautiful blue lake.† Got to camp around 4pm.† Last section dropping to the lake was steep!



View from our campsite in the morning (similar shot as last picture yesterday)

Morning reflections in the lake at our campsite


White Pass from just below its southwest side

Red Pass from below its west side


Marion Lake (lower center) from Red Pass

Lake Basin to the upper left of Marion Lake

Lake Basin and Marion Lake getting closer as we descend


Marion Lake from right above the final chute

Marion Lake at the bottom of the chute


Looking south over Marion Lake from its northwest shore

Looking north from the northwest shore


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