Mt. Cotter 2005

Glen Pass and Kearsarge Pass

Friday, August 26, 2005

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Today was the biggest mileage day, longer than even the first day.  But, our loads were lighter (much food eaten) and we were, for the most part, in better shape.  Saw lots and lots of people today, at the top of Glen Pass there were around 10 people at all times, with some coming and going while we were there.


The sign to the left was at the trail junction at Rae Lakes.


Journal Entry:   Hiked from 8:30am to 4:30pm today.  Top of Glen Pass around 10:30 and top of Kearsarge Pass at 3:00.  Camped at Flower Lake, around 2˝ miles from the trailhead.  Out to the car tomorrow.



upper Rae Lake with island and Painted Lady above

high lakes north of Glen Pass (note the ice on one of them)


Rae Lakes from Glen Pass

Glen Pass above first lake to its south


Charlotte Dome and U-shaped Charlotte Creek valley

Charlotte Lake from above (our first night’s campsite)


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