Mt. Cotter 2005

Sixty Lake Basin to Rae Lakes

Thursday, August 25, 2005

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The trail in Sixty Lake Basin, while a good introduction to trails after days of off-trail, was not a very solid trail, especially at its northern end.  Today that would change, with our meeting up with the John Muir Trail, a 210-mile “freeway” in the mountains that is usually easy to follow.  Along with that, of course, comes more people.


Rae Lakes cooperated with beautiful weather this time around, as opposed to 10 years ago.


Journal entry: Cloudless weather continues, cold night though with frost again.  Headed out of Sixty Lake Basin via Basin Notch, which had a short uphill but a longer and steeper downhill over talus and grass to Arrowhead Lake.  Found the JMT at the creek crossing, and followed it south to the middle Rae Lake.  Found our campsite from 10 years ago—we’re camping nearby tonight.  Got to camp around 2pm.  Tomorrow is a 9-mile day over two passes…


from our campsite in the morning, looking north

from our campsite in the morning, Mt. Cotter reflected


Basin Notch from Arrowhead Lake side

Fin Dome and Lake Arrowhead


looking south over lower Rae Lake

Painted Lady is in front behind the lake

Fin Dome over middle Rae Lake


Painted Lady in evening wear


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