Mt. Cotter 2005

Gardiner Basin to Sixty Lake Basin

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

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Time to leave our high camp in Gardiner Basin, headed toward the John Muir Trail and more people.  We had seen only two people, from a distance, since a mile beyond Charlotte Lake on the second day.


Journal entry: Very little wind last night compared to the prior night.  Must have been colder though, we had frost in the morning.  Got moving around 10am as we were not in a hurry.  Short hop over lots of talus to the top of Sixty Lakes Col.  Views not as good as Mt. Cotter yesterday, as the col is 1000 feet lower.  Downhill over some talus, but mostly grass and slabs.  Found the trail down Sixty Lake Basin, which is faint in spots.  Camped at the lowest large lake—got here around 3:30.  Nobody else is here, we did see some people camping at some of the higher lakes on the trail.  Tomorrow we head over Basin Notch to Rae Lakes.  Haven’t seen a single cloud all day.



Gardiner Basin from Sixty Lake Col

looking back at Sixty Lake Col from Sixty Lake Basin side


small lake below Sixty Lake Col

this tree has a big job—holding that rock up!


the long lake that we passed on its west (left) shore

Fin Dome over a meadow


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