Mt. Cotter 2005

Mt. Cotter summit

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

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Today was summit day, or almost-summit day of Mt. Cotter at 12,721 feet elevation.  The panaramic view from the south side of the summit block appears above.  A larger view with the some of the peaks and basins labeled can be seen by clicking on the picture above.


Journal entry: Windy last night, and sun arrived late due to nearby ridge.  Left around 9 for the climb on Mt. Cotter, with our day hiking gear.  Got near the summit around 11 or so.  The summit rocks are class 3, and neither of us felt comfortable with them, so we were satisfied with the view from just below the summit.  Back down to camp around 2.  Again some puffy clouds have formed, which give us shade from time to time.  Views from the summit of Gardiner Basin and Sixty Lake Basin, over to the Sierra Crest.  Tomorrow’s goal is Sixty Lake Basin.




campsite in Gardiner Basin

Mt. Cotter from near our campsite


Mt. Gardiner above the large lake in Gardiner Basin

Steve and Ron just below Mt. Cotter’s summit

Mt. Gardiner appears between us


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