Evolution Basin 2013

South Lake to Dusy Basin

Friday, August 16, 2013

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Today was a fairly easy day, although mostly uphill.  We had slept at 9000 feet which helped acclimation and neither of us had any altitude issues.

Journal Entry:  Drove to Bishop yesterday and stayed at Willow campground at 9000 feet.  This morning started at 8am on Bishop Pass Trail.  Reached the pass before 2pm, passing many hikers and one horse train heading in.  Dropped down into Dusy Basin and camped at the highest large lake.  Puffy clouds all day, not threatening at all.  Tomorrow we drop into LeConte Canyon, then north on the JMT to Big Pete Meadow.

Long Lake and Mt. Goode

Long Lake and Hurd Peak

Long Lake

Saddlerock Lake

Bishop Lake and Saddlerock Lake

Jigsaw Pass and Mt. Agassiz

sign at Bishop Pass

Dusy Basin from Bishop Pass

Isosceles Peak and Columbine Peak over lake

Mt. Agassiz, Mt. Winchell, Thunderbolt Peak

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