Evolution Basin 2013

Dusy Basin to Big Pete Meadow

Saturday, August 17, 2013

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Not much to say about today, easy on-trail hiking with good weather!

Journal Entry:  Clouds disappeared by evening and morning was still cloudless.  Puffy clouds started building late morning, but nothing threatening.  Headed down out of Dusy Basin, long drop to 8800 ft. where we met the JMT.  Couple of miles up LeConte Canyon to Big Pete Meadow where we are camped west of the meadow.  Continue to see quite a few people on the trails, as expected.  Tomorrow’s goal is Helen Lake, 2300 feet uphill from here and back into the alpine!

highest lake in Dusy Basin in the morning

trail to LeConte Canyon, Lake 10742

looking across LeConte Canyon

LeConte Canyon

LeConte Canyon below

looking down U-shaped LeConte Canyon

trail and rock slabe

trail sign at junction with JMT

looking down LeConte Canyon

campsite at Big Pete Meadow

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