Evolution Basin 2013

Big Pete Meadow to Helen Lake

Sunday, August 18, 2013

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All uphill today, climbing to 11,600 feet at Helen Lake.  We encountered some people doing the "Sierra Challenge," which was climbing a peak on the Black Divide today from Lake Sabrina, over Echo Col just north of some of the lakes on our trek today.  We saw the people returning after the climb via the JMT past Helen Lake when we were already camped.

Journal Entry:  Building clouds finally caught up with us.  Clear skies again this morning, but clouds continued to build around Muir Pass.  Got some rain just before Helen Lake, around 1:30, but stopped before we set up camp.  Light rain again at 4:00, with some thunder.  Hike was uneventful, met lots of people, both backpackers and day hikers doing the “Sierra Challenge.”  Tomorrow’s plan is over Muir Pass to Sapphire Lake.  Hope the weather improves!

looking up-canyon

looking up-canyon

looking down-canyon

trail over slab

first lake

second lake

frog near third lake

third lake

dark clouds building

Helen Lake

campsite at Helen Lake

Mt. Solomons over Helen Lake


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