Evolution Basin 2013

Helen Lake to Evolution Lake

Monday, August 19, 2013

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Crossing Muir Pass was the highlight of the day, and the weather was still good at that time!  Steve had done this section of the JMT back in 1996 (the opposite direction), but it was new for Ron.

Journal Entry:  Awoke to thin clouds, but they built all day.  Got some hail and rain around 1:30, and its raining again at 5:00.  Easy hike up to Muir Pass, visited the Muir Hut, and lots of hikers.  Weather was perfect!  Clouds kept building on the way down Evolution Basin, started raining at Sapphire Lake.  We decided to continue on to Evolution Lake where we are camped now.  Lots of others camped here too.  Yesterday we got more rain from 7pm 9pm no thunder though.  Weve got lots of thunder now.  Word is that the weather should clear tomorrow.  We have a short day as we leave the trail and head into Darwin Canyon.

Mt. Solomons and Helen Lake

Mt. Solomons and Muir Pass

looking back to Helen Lake

curious marmot

Muir Hut on Muir Pass


sign in Muir Hut

ceiling of Muir Hut

blocked-off fireplace

what a view from the window!

plaque honoring John Muir

Lake McDermand and Wanda Lake

Black Giant hovering over Muir Pass

Wanda Lake

Lake 11293 and Evolution Basin

Mt. Darwin over Sapphire Lake

Evolution Lake

Evolution Creek crossing just above Evolution Lake

Evolution Lake

Evolution Lake near the outlet

Evolution Valley


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