Evolution Basin 2013

Evolution Lake to Darwin Canyon

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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We had approached on the JMT on our long trip in 2002 and left the trail to head into Darwin Canyon at this same point back then.  We saw only two people off-trail here, they were descending to the JMT from Darwin Bench.  We camped in Darwin Canyon in the same campsite we used in 2002.  Later we found a much better (more roomy) campsite above and to the east of the fifth lake.

Journal Entry:  Awoke to completely clear skies.  Left camp around 9:30 and headed down the JMT a short distance, then left the JMT to follow a use trail up to Darwin Bench.  Clouds were building all morning, none appeared until we started hiking though.  Continued up to Darwin Canyon on an intermittent use trail.  After consideration and “rock flipping” (we didn’t have a coin) we decided to move on from a decent campsite between the first & second lakes, to a lesser campsite between the third & fourth.  We still can’t see our pass for tomorrow.  Rain started around 3:00, after our tents were set up, and continued almost non-stop till 8:00.  Around 7:30 we could see the sunset down-valley, rocks around us were lit by the sun, but clouds above were still dropping rain.  Rainbow was also visible!  Looks like the rain is done now, hoping again for improved weather tomorrow.  We plan to head over Darwin Col and down to Blue Heaven Lake.

Evolution Lake with Evolution Basin behind

Evolution Valley

Evolution Valley

creek draining Darwin Bench

lake at Darwin Bench

Darwin Bench from above

first lake in Darwin Canyon

third lake in Darwin Canyon

fourth lake in Darwin Canyon

rainbow over fourth lake

sky was clear to the west while we were getting rain


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