Evolution Basin 2013

Darwin Canyon to North Lake

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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Had mixed feelings about cutting the trip short.  On the one hand, the weather still didn't look good as we drove home.  But the most interesting part of the trip was planned at the end, an area that neither of us had been before.  Add it to the list of places we had planned to go but didn't, for a future trip!

Journal Entry:  Got some rain from 4am 6am, not good for our continued trip.  Cloudy weather prevails, so we decided not to attempt Darwin Col, and instead go over Lamarck Col and head for North Lake.  Lamarck Col is closer and a known pass since we crossed it in 2002.  Got to the pass around 10, and reached North Lake 2:30 or so.  Thunder, rain, and hail near Lamarck Lakes.  Got a ride to South Lake and drove home.  Widespread rain and thunderstorms across the Sierra!

fourth lake from above

Darwin Col and Mt. Darwin above fifth lake

Mt. Darwin and Mt. Mendel over fifth lake

Darwin Canyon stretching below

Darwin Col and Mt. Darwin over fifth lake

small pond on north side of Lamarck Col

Steve at Lamarck Col

Ron at Lamarck Col

Mt. Darwin over fifth lake

snow field below Lamarck Col, north side

Lamarck Col from the north side

sandy terrain north of Lamarck Col

North Lake (above) and Grass Lake (below)

use trail goes over some rough terrain

Upper Lamarck Lake

Lower Lamarck Lake


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