Evolution Basin 2013

August 16 – South Lake to Dusy Basin

August 17 – Dusy Basin to Big Pete Meadow

August 18 – Big Pete Meadow to Helen Lake

August 19 – Helen Lake to Evolution Lake

August 20 – Evolution Lake to Darwin Canyon

August 21 – Darwin Canyon to North Lake


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elevation profile


This year's trip was impacted by the weather.  We had planned on making a loop over Bishop Pass and Muir Pass, through Evolution Basin, and up into Darwin Canyon.  Then we would cross the crest over Darwin Col and traverse above Lake Sabrina back over to Tyee Lakes and back to our vehicle at South Lake.  The weather started out good for the first few days, but afternoon thunderstorms started coming in on the day we got to Helen Lake.  This weather still didn't slow us down as it followed the typical pattern of late afternoon thunderstorms with good weather in the morning.  However, once we were in Darwin Canyon the rain started in early afternoon, and the day we were to leave Darwin Canyon the rain started up in the early morning hours.  Although it had stopped by the time we hiked that day, it was still threatening.  On top of this, Steve's tent rain fly had an issue with the window separating from the fly leaving a hole.  This was repaired with duct tape but it was uncertain how long it would hold.  Plus we felt like we were spending all of our downtime in our tents and were getting sick of the inside of our tents!  All of this combined to make us decide to bail from the route over Lamarck Col, which we had done in 2002.  Although we had a relaxed itinerary after Darwin Col and could have afforded a full rest day, the feeling was that it was best to just get out.  So this trip covered only trail and off-trail that we had already been done (also covered by the 2002 PCT pages here).


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