Steve's Hiking and Backpacking Adventures

pika at Lion Lake, Sequoia National Park
Sierra Nevada (California)
Kaweah Basin
McGee Pass
Lyell, Hutchings Creek, and Vogelsang
Red Peak Pass
Silliman Pass, Cloud Canyon, and Lion Lake
Rattlesnake Creek, Kern Canyon, and Little Five Lakes
Milestone Basin and Vidette Creek
2013 Evolution Basin
2012 Split Mountain and Amphitheater Lake
2011 Seven Gables and The Pinnacles
2010 Minarets and Ritter Range
2009 Mt. Tyndall and Wallace Basin
2008 Alta Peak and Tableland
2007 Mt. Langley and Mt. Whitney
2006 Cartridge Pass and Muro Blanco
2005 Gardiner Basin and Mt. Cotter
2004 Pioneer Basin and Mono Recesses
2003 Nine Lakes Basin and Mt. Kaweah
2002 Pacific Crest Trail section - Sierra Nevada
2001 Ionian Basin and Mt. Goddard
2000 Sphinx Lakes and Mt. Brewer
1999 Bear Lakes and Mt. Gabb
1998 Palisades and Mt. Sill

Other trips around the world
Choquequirao to Machu Picchu - Peru
Tour de Monte Rosa - Switzerland/Italy
Mt. Kilimanjaro and Safari - Tanzania
2013 Annapurna Circuit and Everest Base Camp - Nepal
2012 Denali, Katmai, Inside Passage - Alaska
2011 Patagonia and Antarctica
2009 New Zealand
2006 Belize
2002 ANWR, Denali, Kenai Fjords, Inside Passage - Alaska
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