Milestone Basin and Vidette Creek 2014

August 15 – Onion Valley to Kearsarge Lakes

August 16 – Kearsarge Lakes to Vidette Lakes

August 17 – Over Deerhorn Saddle

August 18 – Over Harrison Pass

August 19 – Lake South America to Milestone Basin

August 20 – Milestone Basin to near JMT

August 21 – Over Forester Pass

August 22 – Over Kearsarge Pass

August 23 – Flower Lake to Onion Valley


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elevation profile


The primary destination on this year's trip was Milestone Basin, which we had planned to visit in 2000 via the same approach but failed to cross Harrison Pass.  This year we took a different route to get to Harrison Pass, and we crossed it successfully and followed our planned itinerary!  In order to avoid Shepherd Pass and add another off-trail area that we haven't been, we opted to enter via Kearsarge Pass and visit the valley of Vidette Creek and Lakes, and cross Deerhorn Saddle which is at the head of that valley.  This saddle gives direct access to Harrison Pass, which stands on the boundary between Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.  We visited the upper Kern River basin from here, including Lake South America, and then visited beautiful Milestone Basin, which was a pleasure to travel off-trail in due to mostly friendly terrain of grass and slabs.  We returned via trail over Forester Pass and Kearsarge Pass.  Weather this year was great!  We missed a fairly long period of unsettled weather by just a few days.  We had a few days of no clouds of all, then mostly unthreatening clouds other than our night in Milestone Basin where we had some thunder but no rain, at least in the basin where we were camped.


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