Milestone Basin and Vidette Creek 2014

Over Harrison Pass

Monday, August 18, 2014

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Harrison Pass is on the boundary between Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.  We had attempted this pass in 2000 from the same side but didn't cross it that year.  This year we were successful!  The trail shown on the map above was not visible anywhere on either side of the pass, it has not been maintained in many years.  However, the trail leading south from Lake South America still exists.

Journal Entry:  Late start today, hiking at 10:30.  Light clouds all day, nothing threatening but a change from last 3 days.  Talus climb then scree chute up to Harrison Pass, got there around 12:30.  Last big challenge of the trip!  Easy traverse over to Lake South America, got here around 3:00.  Haven’t seen anyone since JMT on Saturday, although this lake has a trail to it.  Tomorrow’s goal is Milestone Basin.

Mt Ericsson over the lake in the morning

one of the many resident pikas

Harrison Pass lit by the morning sun

lakes to the west down the valley

Deerhorn Saddle over the lake we camped at

Deerhorn Saddle and lake

getting closer to Harrison Pass

Ron on the final approach to the pass

rock cairn at the pass with our packs

we made it!

Lake South America in the distance

Caltech Peak over Kern River headwaters

Lake South America

Milestone Mtn, Midway Mtn, and Table Mtn
three peaks over Milestone Basin, our destination tomorrow

alpenglow over Lake South America

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